Wonderbag vs Slow Cooker

  • Cooks all day without being plugged in – completely worry free.
  • It can’t over-cook however long you leave it. If your plans change, the food can’t burn or dry out, simply let it cool and refrigerate. Or re-heat and serve.
  • Vegetables keep their form and are less mushy.
  • It's portable – you can take it with you and cook en route or you can deliver a piping hot meal to someone else without using an energy source when you arrive.
  • It doubles up as a cooler box.
  • No crust forms on top of the food.
  • Put straight on the table when entertaining. Enjoy the company of your guests and when it is time to eat, your table and meal are both ready and beautiful.
  • In a motorhome / caravan it doesn’t take up valuable locker space while replacing the cooler box and slow cooker.