Chicken Taco Soup

Wonderbag Hot Spiced Cider

Wonderbag Rustic Beef Casserole

Wonderbag and Ramadan

Wonderbag Beef Cassoulet

Wonderbag Yoghurt

Mother's Day French Toast

Breakfast Oats









Wonderbag Vegetable Barley Soup

Wonderbag Creamy Chicken braise

Carrot soup the Wonderbag way

Earth Hour Moroccan Chickpea and Vegetable Soup

Turkey Kale soup

St Paddy's Day Irish Stew

Mediterranean Paella for water week

Tuscan Bean Soup

Hearty Chicken and Vegetable Casserole

Wonderbag French Onion Soup

Greek Stifado-Beef Casserole

Curried cottage pie with Sweet Potato Mash

Cheese and Onion Hash Brown

Sweet potoato Tofu and Coconut Curry

Chicken Korma with Cauliflower Rice

Caramel Apple French Toast

Lentils Umbria

Valentines Fillet and chocolate dessert

Mushroom and Herb Stroganoff

Mexican Breakfast Casserole

Bean soup in the Wonderbag

Wonderbag Brownies

Wonderbag steamed corn bread

Wonderbag Chicken curry with beans

Wonderbag White chocolate and raspberry bread and butter pudding

Wonderbag Lamb Shank

Wonderbag's Mexican Black Beans

Rich Oxtail Stew in the Wonderbag

Wonderbag Pasta Bake. Cheesy Spinach and Mozzarella rigatoni

New Year with Wonderbag. Sticky Chicken Wings

Wonderbags Chicken Marrakesh

Wonderbags Festive Rolled Beef roast

Steamed Christmas Pudding the Wonderbag way

Norwegian sweet rice pudding

Flavoured mash in the Wonderbag

Wonderbag Gammon

Wonderbag braised red cabbage

Wonderbag and Gluhwein

Wonderbag Wednesdays

Wonderbag Cous Cous

Wonderbag and Thanksgiving

Wonderbag Chicken and Olive Pot

Aubergine Parmegano

Wonderbag and tagines

Chicken Enchilada in a Wonderbag

Guy Fawkes with Wonderbag

Irish stew and Wonderbag

Diwali with Wonderbag

Wonderbag’s Wacky Halloween

Chocolate indulgence in my Wonderbag

Wonderful Wonderbag Curries

Creamed fish leek and vegetable pot

Wonderbag Stewed fruit

Wonderbag and pilaf rice

Rosh Hashanah with Wonderbag

Crazy Wonderbag weekends

Meat free Wonderbag meals

Wonderbag Celebration meals

Wonderbag Thai style Vegetable Curry

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Weekends with Wonderbag

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Wonderbag and busy moms

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Delicious as a starter, great as a snack and even perfect as a meal, this chicken taco soup is an absolute winner! Packed full of goodness, with beans, tomato, chicken, topped with c

We thought that it was time to add another drink to the Wonderbag recipes. For those of you going into summer, you can file this away for cooler days, and we are sure that those going i

Everyone likes to experiment and put a new spin on existing dishes. This cheesy rustic beef casserole is very similar to a cottage pie, but instead of mash, it is topped with thin slice

All around the world, many Muslim families are starting the month of Ramadan. Wonderbag can really help ease the pressure, as you can prepare and place dinner in the Wonderbag before su

Hearty and healthy, there is nothing as tasty as a beef and bean cassoulet, slowly cooked in the Wonderbag and then served with crusty French bread or mashed potato. This recipe is idea

Another great option for healthy breakfast on the go and one of my all-time favourites is layered muesli and berry yoghurt, packed in a Consol jar! Pop this in the small Wonderbag to st

Caramel Apple French toast for Mothers Day – Let mom sleep in for a change and treat her to a delicious caramel apple French toast, served with marscarpone cheese, and fresh plunger

With everyone leading such busy lives with school runs, early meetings and hectic traffic, there is nothing better than being able to prepare healthy breakfast the night before! Our del

Sweet, slow-cooked carrots and beautifully tender meat make this Irish Stout Stew the perfect, hearty meal to serve on a cold day. And of course, it’s a must for any true Irish cel

A family favourite and a wonderful meat free option! I always tell friends who are entertaining for the first time to make lasagne. Serve it with a big seasonal salad and some crisp

For those from Durban, South Africa, you will be familiar with and love the curries of Durban. If anyone ever visits Durban, it is mandatory to eat lamb or mutton curry and at least

This is one of those things like humus that should just always be in your fridge! Wonderful as a dip, but also great as a spread on wraps with roasted veg and feta. Alternatively, us

Wonderbag would like to celebrate Earth Day, and all that we do to preserve this beautiful planet. Through cooking using a Wonderbag, you reduce the amount of fuel used, the amount o

Quick and easy, light and packed full of fresh vegetable goodness! These ratatouille crostini are great as a party appetiser, or as a light meal. I love the fact that you can use loc

What is more yummy than a sticky syrup pudding steamed in the Wonderbag and served hot with ice cream, cream or custard and decorated with speckled eggs! It is every adult and child

For those celebrating Easter and starting to plan your Sunday lunch, we thought that we would offer some inspiration mid-week, so that you can start planning! Why not take the stress

Healthy, hearty and packed with goodness and rich tomato flavours! Probably one of the quickest and easiest soups to make, so it is perfect for midweek madness. I also like to sometime

Weekends are for a bit of indulgence and I am a real sucker for chicken and leeks in a creamy sauce, especially served with a homemade pasta and fresh salad. This dish is wonderful serv

As a child, I remember being told “eat your carrots, they help you see in the dark”! I was not a carrot lover, but one way my mom could get me to eat carrots and alleviate my fear o

Earth Hour is here and Wonderbag consciously makes an effort to save our Earth and reduce the human foot print. Using a Wonderbag contributes so much - a saving in fuel, energy, water,

This is a fantastic recipe for all those following a banting diet. It is nutritious, tasty, full of goodness and fairly easy to make as well. If you battle to find Turkey, substitute wi

I was very privileged to spend 2 years living and cheffing in Ireland in County Wicklow. I remember St Paddy’s day very fondly – much love, laughter and fun was had by all. St Paddy

Surely one of my all time favourite dishes, Paella when made well is a symphony of flavours and textures. With this recipe, it is really important to follow the quantities of the recipe

Tuscan Bean Soup With more and more constraints on the budgets, soups are the way to go, as they are filling, but lower in calories and far more economical to make. Soups are also a gr

Hearty Chicken and vegetable casserole. This is one of my favourite Wonderbag recipes for camping, glamping or for chilled evenings at home. It is really delicious, with chicken pieces

Sometimes during a busy week, it is great to put a pot of soup on, which feeds the family for dinner and also provides lunches for the next day. If you have a small Wonderbag, heat your

With weekends made for running around, why not plan your day, and get your beef casserole in the Wonderbag in the morning, leaving the rest of the day to take care of errands without wo

As seasons around the world are starting to change to warmer weather for the North and slightly cooler weather for the South, weekends are about kicking back, chilling and comfort food

Seriously cheesy, with delicious fried onion, corn and fresh spring onion notes, this has become a breakfast / brunch / anytime snack favourite. It is quick and easy to make and grea

Creamy sweet potato and tofu curry, gently simmered in pumpkin soup and coconut milk, and finished with fresh coriander. This is seriously yummy and very versatile and perfect for me

This is wonderful for those following the paleo or Whole 30 way of eating. A delicious chicken korma, served with cauliflower rice. A little bit of a time consuming recipe, but well

French toast is one of my all-time favourites for brunch, but I do not often make it, as I am stuck in the kitchen making beautiful French toast while everyone eats to their hearts c

A great option for protein packed vegetarian options are lentils. This lentil dish is slow cooked in the Wonderbag, which is so great, as the flavours really develop and the lentils

Today we are spoiling you with 2 Valentines inspired recipes! It is the month of love after all, and we are here to help you plan the perfect dinner. Whether you choose to practise t

With many people now introducing meat free days into their lifestyle, we will try and bring you more delicious and innovative vegetarian dishes. If you are very strict, replace any b

Mexican Breakfast Casserole

More and more at home and in my travels, I see Brunch becoming more of a trend on weekends instead of your conventional early breakfast and midday

With all the cold weather happening around the world and some cooler weather even in Durban, this hearty bean soup is the ideal tummy warming option for our Wonderbag Wednesdays. Hea

I honestly think it is safe to say that everyone – adults and children love brownies. There is something comforting and indulgent about the soft, rich, chocolatiness of a brownie. I l

Who does not enjoy a nice steamed bread, especially one with corn and cheese? Perfect for camping, BBQ’s or just a lazy evening at home, the Wonderbag is ideal for making this delicio

This is a real GO TO recipe for big groups, camping or evenings around the fire at home. The ultimate 1 pot cooking, perfect for the Wonderbag. Don’t forget to soak your beans the nig

Sometimes in the middle of the week, one needs a little indulgence and a “pick me up”! Nothing is easier to prepare than this bread, white chocolate, raspberry and nut pudding. It i

This is one of my husband and my favourite dishes – Slow cooked lamb shank! I love using the Wonderbag for this as it saves me at least 6 – 8 hours of electricity. It is imperative

Meat free and delicious, this Mexican black bean dish is so versatile! You can make it as mild or spicy as you like, and if you have left overs, blend it with some salsa and cream chees

With life returning to normal after Christmas and New year, and most people heading back to work, weekends are the perfect time for slow cooked long lazy dinners! My husband’s favo

Hello and Happy New Year! When I did this photoshoot last year, I was beside myself with excitement when I lifted this pasta bake out of the Wonderbag! The photographer and I could n

Can you believe that it is New Year’s eve? Tomorrow we start a new page and a new year in 2017, with lots of new and exciting recipes that can be cooked in your Wonderbag! It has b

After a busy Christmas all you want is a simple 1 pot dish, a bit of comfort food before indulging for New Year! Our chicken Marrakesh is light and tasty with the subtle flavours of

The final piece in your Christmas menu puzzle is this absolutely deliciously tender rolled roast beef. Over the last few weeks, we have featured all the starches, vegetables and othe

Well, it is the final countdown, and menu’s should be planned and different elements of the meal delegated. A staple at every Christmas meal is the steamed Christmas pudding. We ha

As Christmas draws nearer, I am torn between all my favourite desserts and cannot decide which to make. The children never really enjoy the Christmas pudding but the adults love it

As a chef, mashed potatoes are probably one of my favourite starches as they are so versatile. You can have a rough or “smashed” mash or a truly creamy decadent and silky smooth

At Christmas time, globally, there are certain dishes that will always appear on at least 50% of the menu’s. One of these is the age old favourite of glazed gammon. Gammon recipes

Another great Wonderbag Wednesday meal is our Christmas spiced braised red cabbage. Absolutely delicious with hints of sweet and sour from the sugar and vinegar and subtle Christmas

As we enter December, I think fondly of my time spent working in Germany in 2012 and 2013, as this is now the time for Christmas markets and Gluhwein. When you are wandering around m

I love ratatouille! It is one of the most interesting ways to cook and serve vegetables, and can be presented as a side, as a pasta dish, as the base for fish or other protein or as

Cous cous is one of my favourite starches! It is so great as a salad, a starch or a light meal, can be eaten hot or cold, and it is something that I always have in my cupboard or fr

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, families, especially moms, are going to be very busy with plans and preparations. So we at Wonderbag thought that we would help you out with some meal

With the year-end craziness upon us, I just long for weekends and a bit of downtime. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day anymore, and a lot of running around and social

Growing up, my music teacher’s husband was Italian, and so began my love affair with Italian food. Sun ripened tomatoes, basil, Italian parsley, cheese, pizza, oven roasted vegetab

With cooler weather in the Northern Hemisphere and some cold fronts in the south, the weekend will be perfect weather for lamb tagines. I love tagines as the meat is really tender

I love travelling and trying out different foods. When I worked in Ireland at Rathsallagh House, it was so interesting as there were so many different nationalities working there, an

Why not celebrate Guy Fawkes with a bang - Chilli con Carne and

With colder weather approaching in some regions, and warmer weather in others, Irish stew is the perfect stew solution. Light and flavourful, no heavy gravy, slow cooked and deliciou

As our Hindu friends and followers around the world celebrate Diwali this weekend, the festival of lights, we thought we would share our Wonderbag Dhal recipes. It is such a busy tim

Well, as Halloween draws near, we all thought that we would have some fun and pull together a wacky Halloween menu for all of our fans and followers! Wonderbag is perfect for Hallowe

My husband has a very sweet tooth, and his absolute favourite is the flavour combination of chocolate and orange. His ultimate chocolate and orange dessert should be served hot with

The recipe that we are sharing today is one of my favourites! A potato, lentil and spinach curry. I love spicy food, as I believe that chillies, turmeric and other spices are really

Fish is such an important part of the diet, but a lot of people are nervous of cooking fish, in case it breaks apart or becomes dry. This fish, leek and vegetable pot is absolutely d

Weekends are time to have long leisurely breakfast’s or brunches, and one thing that I remember fondly from my cheffing days in Ireland was stewed breakfast fruit. For 2 years, I w

When I develop and test recipes in the Wonderbag, I try to cover all types of needs – vegetarian, seafood, meaty, quick cooking, slow cooking, winter recipes, summer recipes. I t

In my career, I was lucky enough to travel extensively, and had the chance to spend time for work in Israel a good many times. 3 of these times happened to be over the Jewish New Y

As we enter the last quarter of 2016, I pause for a moment and wonder where the year has gone! For some students, it is winding up to final exams, and for others they are just settli

There is a growing trend globally to have meat free days in the week, be it environmental, health or cost concerns. Whatever your reason is for cutting down on meat, there are great

Weekend is the perfect time for family get togethers and celebration meals. Everyone is relaxed and has time for a long lazy lunch or dinner, and the beauty of Wonderbag is that you

Wonderbag Thai style Vegetable Curry

With the price of meat ever on the increase, I am cooking more and more vegetable dishes, using seasonal fare and what I h

I have been blessed to travel to many countries as a chef, and have lived and worked in a few. Sometimes, it is difficult to source ingredients to cook some family favourites when yo

With cool and wet weather, there is nothing like comfort food. A good slow cooked stew or casserole, that is rich in flavour, with tender and juicy meat. It is warming to the soul! I

I cannot believe how the weeks fly by, and that it is Friday already! My Wonderbag has been my life saver this week, as I have been really busy and have put some stews and curries on

There are so many things that I love about the Wonderbag - the versatility, how pretty they are, the practicality and saving, and the fact that you can cook really healthy nutritio

Wow!!!! What a week, starting last Friday, where we held a Wonderfeast for Angels Care in Howick! We were treated to singing and poems by the children, and everyone then indulged in

Yesterday I had a really busy day, and leaving the factory in Tongaat, I got caught in some heavy traffic. My problem was that I had promised my mom and dad dinner, and would only g

Everyday I am more amazed at how much time, energy and stress my Wonderbag saves me. I have been with Wonderbag 6 weeks now, and my mission is to share the wonders of Wonderbag! I

This is a shout out to all busy moms - working, raising children, doing the school runs, sports drop offs and pick ups, running a home and supporting at family events. Sometimes it

After a busy week of recipe testing, food styling and photography, and some serious experimenting in the Wonderbag, I am even more in love with mine and convinced that every food