Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

It’s simply good for business to be part of a low carbon future.

Natural Balance Global (PTY) Ltd forms Wonderbag partnerships with companies looking to reduce CO2 emissions, while alleviating poverty and creating employment. We help companies meet their Corporate Social Responsibilities and environmental ambitions. Association with Wonderbag enhances your green credentials.

Carbon Economics

The Carbon Market provides a method for financing non-polluting technologies and practices in developing countries. It uses the wealth of industrialised countries to help developing countries. If a project proves that it reduces green-house gas and reliably measures the amount reduced, then the number of avoided tonnes of CO2 can be sold as “carbon credits”.

To assure buyers that carbon credits are correctly measured, several standards bodies or “regulators” have been established. Standards Bodies such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard (GS) are some of these regulators. Credits which are endorsed by these bodies are called Voluntary Emission Reductions or VERs.

The Wonderbag has significant sustainable development benefits: The program creates employment in countries where the bags are used in large numbers; field surveys indicate that the users of the bags have reduced fuel bills; there is published evidence that reduced consumption of common fuels leads to less illness caused by cooking smoke and fewer accidents in the kitchen.

Wonderbag users also experience improvement of their daily lives, the quality of their child-care and their productivity. In countries where firewood and charcoal are the main cooking fuels, the Wonderbag provides an important method of reducing deforestation. The drudgery and safety risks associated with firewood-collection is significantly reduced.

Cooking using the Wonderbag also ensures that less water is used during the cooking process by reducting evaporation. This ever depleting resource is saved.

The Studies

"Companies recognise the value of minimising their environmental footprint. It’s good for the world and it’s a strong contributor to long-term financial success.”

Sarah Collins, Wonderbag founder