Moshy Mathe


Moshy Mathe was born in the Eastern Cape in a remote village known as Mwaca Village in Mount Ayliff. This mountainous village had very limited access to the outside world. As the fourth daughter of the late Methodist Church Reverend Mkamva, Mathe was brought up in very humble and community orientated home. Her father taught his parish the importance of subsistence farming, he nurtured and supplied food and meals to the surrounding families’ to ensure the children were fed and did not have to go to school hungry. This meant that Mathe understood the significance of community and giving back to others from a young age. Mathe lost both her parents in a car accident when she was young and spent some challenging years focusing on survival and supporting her siblings in South Africa’s difficult climate.

Later in life she started Youth For Survival, an NGO based in Tshwane that sews wedding dresses and employs previously abused women with minimal or no education. When she met Sarah Collins, Wonderbag Founder, in 2008 she had four employees. These women were seated next to one another on a flight from Durban to Johannesburg and it did not take long for them to discover that they had a lot in common. Collins shared her idea for a non-electric heat retention cooker with Mathe and, by the end of the flight, Mathe had drawn the design for the first Wonderbag on a napkin! A few years later, at the end of 2012, Mathe had over 1 000 women sewing Wonderbags.

Collins and Mathe have a special business partnership and friendship. Over the years these women discovered that they are soulmates and WonderWomen, who would use their personal passions and community foundation to empower millions of other women to take the step into Entrepreneurial endeavors.

Today Youth for Survival is a community developing organization that, not only trains women to sew Wonderbags, but also empowers the whole community. There are many big challenges facing women today in South Africa. This inspired Mathe to open a shelter for abused women, where they can receive counseling and support to get back on their feet. She has also recently opened the Lerato Amazing Grace Home for Girls named after her late daughter.

Moshy Mathe is a true heroine and “Wonderprenuer” in her own right who also employs and inspires thousands of women, enabling them to become “Wonderpreneurs”.

Wonderbag is proud to have her on board as their global ambassador.